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The Organization

  • We’ve been delivering our support services primarily by bike and on foot in the incredible jungle villages of Northern Belize, and digitally to the US, as well as other parts of the world.  Most of our services are done in the homes and community buildings of villagers; consulting with families on information, projects, and modes of healing that are most useful to them.  So far, our team has successfully supported thousands of people in remote and underserved areas with their wellness, health, and general life challenges. 


    As of 2024, we are building a mobile team, capable of providing services to thousands more.

  • Our volunteers use their passions compassionately! 

    We call upon them as needed to consult, provide services, strategize, and assist with the execution of projects that make life-changing shifts for people who have been

    struggling to find balance.

    Contact us if you'd like to support our effort by providing your skill, interest, training, labor, or service 

    and purposeful volunteer opportunities

    Dynamic Support

    Whether Digitally or In-Person, we offer

  • The 1st mobile effort focused on


    360° wellness support
    The Enduring Empathy Wellness Adventures Vehicle will be equipped with an onboard workshop, apothecary, first-aid, and everything needed to allow our team to be mobile.  We will be able to connect digitally and in person, with skilled people who offer their talents in creating solutions to difficult situations.  By bridging the gap between the modern and ancient approaches, we empower a “do what you can with what you have where you are” mentality and share the ingenuity of people around the world for inspiration.  

  • * Our adventure is going global!
    Long term, Wellness Adventures will be conducted around the globe: showcasing the successes and challenges of people living in every situation imaginable.  These adventures center on project-based humanitarianism and global networking focused on utilizing skill sets. 

    * We will be using these buses to access remote regions that need support!  

    We will be offering general support: putting our skills, and that of our network, to good use in our global community.  This includes topics of health, mental health, environmental and communal sustainability, buildings and structures, permaculture/food forestry, general farming/gardening, and at-home adjustments that improve quality of life and living.​

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  • After spending 3.5 years in a wheelchair, and having been very ill for years, Allie found her way to better health in the Winter of 2016/Spring of 2017 with the help of some creative, committed people who shared their talents and skills with her.  Utilizing the ingenuity of her community, they asked the question "How CAN we improve upon this?" and proactively set out to do just that.  Allie went from someone who suffered up to 8 dislocations a day, to someone who can handle the tasks of a farm, help build a house, and physically provide support to Belizeans for the last many years.  She is passionate about the can-do approach of creating solutions. 

    She offers bodywork, apothecary items, specialty remedies, and in-home assessment and strategy.  Quite often she acts as a consultant in a variety of areas, including permaculture, passive farming systems, life-cycle education, and anatomical and physiological education. Allie Baumeister has been providing education to injured and ill people, which allows them to create a more profound healing experience at home.  The support she offers aligns with the gentle healing paths of the body, maintains cultural relevance, and is rooted in the belief that our bodies want to heal, expand, and develop.  

  • Kevin's history of compassionate connection is probably best characterized by the 300-person group he created while in college.  He formed a social network among his classmates that allowed them to lean on one another, and more consciously work with each other to create wellness around them.  From hanging out with like-minded people to finding help - Kevin saw the need for a dynamic and interactive network to be born, so he created it.  Going forward, Kevin's vision helps us shape the vision of our Enduring Empathy network, and solidify the bonds between people within it, and affected by it.  His history and contribution help us consider how we  can best affect global wellness, with who we are and what we have today.

  • EJ is 16 now and a great stop-motion, digital, and illustration artist.  He is passionate about challenging himself to new skill sets and enjoyed teaching in his earlier years.  EJ has helped care for and rehab hundreds of animals.  Today, the connections he is building with other artists are rooted in the awareness that it takes all kinds to create life: and all life is sacred.  He is a wonderful support system for other artists, and currently helps our team with communications and media..

  • Some of the Professionals We Collaborate With:​

    Kim Savage, MA
    Community Counseling, Mental Health Consultant, Trauma Recovery Specialist

    Lea Claycomb, M.D.
    General Medical Consultant

    Jessica Rogers-Foley
    Reiki & Nature-Immersed Healing

    Merrissa M. Williams
    Conscious Parenting & Conscious Womanhood

    Shannon Bee
    Body Work, Decompression Therapy, Neuromuscular Rehabilitation Therapy          

    Jayme Lilevjen
    In-Home Disability Strategy and End-of-Life Care Specialist

The Core Team

Our Origin

We set out in 2017 to live with and support villages in the jungles of Belize.  By asking "How can we help?" we’ve had the privilege of exploring and contributing to a variety of projects spanning health, agriculture, education, and sustainability.

We have grown and put together a dynamic on-the-ground team that networks with our international wellness professionals.  Our team has provided labor, materials, projects, classes, and one-on-one support.  We have been engaged in numerous opportunities to learn more about community strategy and triumph through the rich history of the Maya, Spanish, Garifuna, and other cultures that cultivate life in Belize still today.  Our seven years in Belize doing the hands-on humanitarian work we love has shaped our awareness of global health in profound new ways, and we look forward to continue being exposed to the nuances of humanity, and the many ways we can succeed, together.



Client Success Stories: Hear What Our Clients Say

"Enduring Empathy helped me find pain relief.  They taught me practical movements and stretches, and helped me find local support.  I'm doing so much better, and learning now how to get stronger from here."

Amari Santoya

Corozal District, Belize

"Allie has helped me cope with my anxieties with breath work, as well as physically with her knowledge of pain management and through her gentle massage techniques. Also, she taught me to look inward and be patient and real, yet accountable with myself to heal 💓"

Nadine Vader
Corozal, Belize

"Enduring Empathy [Zebra Remedies] helped our family find greater peace and joy between us.  We were facing an incredible challenge with a health matter, and their approach helped us discover ways we could make life work better between us all, and accommodate our loved one's health.  It's been inspiring to see how minor shifts have created major wellness for us.  Thank you for showing us that there IS a way, and what works for us, is what matters."

Lauren M.
Spring City, Pennsylvania, USA

We Are In-home, In-Community, and On-The-Ground

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Enduring Empathy

Nonprofit Fiscal Sponsorship

By Infinite West

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Achieving Growth

Our Story & Objective:

We’re driven to compassionately empower the global community. 

In 2017, after overcoming some major challenges in life, Allie and EJ Baumeister set off with a group of friends while asking "how can we help?"  The journey led them to Belize, where they began offering many different kinds of support to Belizean villagers of the small 450-person community of Copper Bank.  These first six months had such a deep impact on their family, that they came back to live a full-time life of humanitarian service.  Ever since, our work has been supported by incredible people, and through it all we've teamed up with hundreds of compassionate humans, organizations, and businesses to deliver intimate, first-person support to remote areas of Northern Belize:

all thanks to our amazing collaborators and sponsors. 

We've seen incredible acts of resilience and offered help in times of deep need and sorrow.  Our environmental projects have made beautiful shifts and our humanitarian work has remained flexible to the people we serve.  Today we are fundraising to become a mobile unit, capable of helping thousands upon thousands more with our primary objective at heart:
    To do what we can with what we have, where we are, compassionately.

We have been blessed to be offered Fiscal Sponsorship from Infinite West, a Colorado Nonprofit dedicated to the sustainability of communities.   Through this sponsorship will be able to enjoy Nonprofit Status going forward.

The bus we are fundraising for today will be the first to spark the formation of a global network of active and social do-goodery, and project-based humanitarianism.  We envision a fleet with which we can embark on Wellness Adventures worldwide.  We will be filming and offering support unique to the needs of the region we're in.  These expeditions will find us learning from locals’ experiences and needs, holding fun and educational events that challenge minds and bodies, and providing one-on-one and communal support to create greater balance in the lives of those struggling.  We believe that we create better communities by intentionally showing up as better community members!

Our team takes heart in showing up to the conversation of
"how do we create balance, together?"
Thank you for making our passion for compassionate action, a greater reality.

Allie Baumeister
Co-Founder, Humanitarian


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