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Does your business or organization have an interest in creating wellness in your community, or through your professional work?  Our interests align with businesses, community groups, and nonprofits who actively set out to develop strategies, balanced solutions, engaging events, and other experiences rooted in growth, joy, health, and general wellness.  We'd love to talk with you and discover ways we can support each others work!

Some Areas Our Core Team Shines:

Strategic Planning    |    Event Planning    |    Writing    |    Problem Solving

Graphic Design    |    Video Production     |    Captioning/VTT

Marketing Support    |    Project Support    |    Community Outreach

Giving New Life to Social Entrepreneurship, and Charitable Activities

Together, We Can!

In the past,
we've connected and collaborated with

Schools &

Local Organizations
( Mary Hill RC School,

St. Pauls By The Sea Anglican School, Youth Groups)

Government & Sponsored Entities (JICA, Red Cross,

Ministry of Education - BZE,

Department of Energy - USA)

International Organizations
(Oceana, Solar Cities, Lyons Club,

Rotary Club)

Communities & Leaders
(examples: Corozal, Chunox, Copper Bank, Cristo Rey of Belize, and their Chairmen, Village Councils, and Community Members)

Companies & Individuals

(Mama Lowe's, Healing Minds By Design, and our team of collaborative volunteers)

Changing the Way the World Shares Passions, Skills, & Interests Compassionately

Creating Lasting Impact

This Is Your Opportunity!

Do you have a big heart and enjoy sharing what you've learned in this life with others?  Volunteer as a Consultant or Skilled Informer, and change someones' life for the better!  What You know has value to your global community, and the people we support are eager for solutions!  Help make a change today!


For any inquiries or questions:


Enduring Empathy

8635 W Sahara Ave #3022
Las Vegas, NV 89117-5858
United States


US - 719-291-1581

Belize - (501) 627-3459 (WhatsApp)

Group Planting a Tree
  • Your personal joys, interests, and experiences have immense value! 

    Are you skilled in a craft or trade? 

    Do you enjoy collaborating on solutions to difficult challenges? 

    Is "thinking outside the box" something you do as a way of living?  

    We're all about the

    "do what you can with what you have,

    where you are"


    We've found that life is not filled with ideal situations where all the pieces meet perfectly. Instead, we have seen that together, we can create dynamic solutions that are rooted in what is tangibly available/identifiable.  That with an open mind, a loving heart, and a conscious communal effort; people can meet challenges with a greater balance, that produces longer-lasting results.

    Our aim is to permeate the communities of the world with information and support that leads to new skills and a development of personal passions.  Uniting The World In Compassionate Action; you can share your talents around the globe!    

Passion With A Purpose  

Abstract DNA Strand

Collaborate      *      Volunteer      *      Partner

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Become a Cooperative Partner, 

Team Member or Volunteer

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