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Sharing insights across
geography, culture, and communities

You can apply to become a member of our Compassionate Collaborative Worldwide network!  From the comfort of your home/business, and through optional in-person opportunities, you will provide empowerment, support and collaboration that impacts the lives of people living in remote, exotic, and underserved regions of the world.  Enjoy dynamic experiences with people making life happen with what is around them, and connect over the very human experience of this Existence!

All you need is a personal device and internet connection!


Consultant Volunteer:


Wellness Adventures Bus Team:

Good day!  We have a villager who wants to know more about 

Would you like to connect with them?

You'll help our on-the-ground team achieve great acts of community-based compassion!  Together we share valuable, helpful information with our global community members.

These interactions connect you with intriguing people of other cultures and societal backgrounds who would like your insights to help tackle a challenge in their life.

These challenges
could be related to:

(the 8 Principles of Wellness by Peggy Swarbrick)

We explore the needs of people from a dynamic 360° approach, and empower the people we serve to tell us what they need!  Then we find people, information, projects, and remedies to match them to!


Through it all, we take into consideration the nuances of their life experiences, accessibility to materials and maintenance, and any limitations and constraints that have met them in their challenges.

BelizejungleAI copy.jpg

can be
in the world


   and so could we...  

Does your business or organization have an interest in creating wellness in your community, or through your professional work?  Our interests align with businesses, community groups, and nonprofits who actively set out to develop strategies, balanced solutions, engaging events, and other experiences rooted in growth, joy, health, and general wellness.  We'd love to talk with you and discover ways we can support each others work!

Some Areas Our Core Team Shines:

Strategic Planning    |    Event Planning    |    Writing    |    Problem Solving

Graphic Design    |    Video Production     |    Captioning/VTT

Marketing Support    |    Project Support    |    Community Outreach

The majority of our offerings to other organizations and businesses are performed on a suggested donation basis.

Giving New Life to Social Entrepreneurship, and Charitable Activities

Together, We Can!

Link Up: We're Better together!


For any inquiries or questions:


Enduring Empathy

8635 W Sahara Ave #3022
Las Vegas, NV 89117-5858
United States


US - 719-291-1581

Belize - (501) 627-3459 (WhatsApp)

Periodic Table

Join our worldwide collective of compassionate, knowledgeable people who share their skills, training, and interests, for the good of their Global Community.

There are many ways you can take part in this effort.  Pick what works for you!

Beginning With:
How Active Would You Like To Be?

Reserve Member

(no contribution required)

Active Member

(active contributing roll)

How You'll Contribute To Our Collective Effort

Check at least 2

(Fine Tune your choices from inside your profile)

These choices can be adjusted later, and convey what interests you may have that align with ours

As of June 2024, we are only accepting 30 contributors, and we will open more spaces as the networks platform solidifies.  Please apply and we will contact you about our collaborative opportunities.

  • What area of Human Wellness do you feel your assistance best fits within?

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