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Our Family

has been providing collaborative, personal support

to individuals, families, and communities
since 2017

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"Do you need support?"

"What challenges are you facing?"

"What supplies are necessary?"

"What successes have you had?"

"What direction are you taking this?"

"What would balance this situation?"

How Can We Help?

By asking important questions like...

Slums in the City

We don’t believe

we will eradicate poverty.

Rather, we believe we can empower people living in poverty. 


We believe that uniting as supportive community members gives everyone the advantage of a better life.

Whether you are an individual, family, nonprofit, business, or community effort, we can work together for the wellness of others!

Developing 360° of Wellness Through
Education, Compassion, and Collaboration 

At Enduring Empathy, we are devoted to making the world a better place by operating on the ground in communities while performing compassionate acts, and collaborating with locals on projects that improve upon their wellness.  We believe in the power of individuals to create change and work closely with communities to ensure that the solutions we develop are sustainable and empowering.  Utilizing our dynamic abilities, global network, and open-source information, we assess situations from a 360° perspective and prioritize action where improvements are most needed.  

Our international network of skilled, trained, and otherwise talented humans are called upon by our on-the-ground team to consult on projects, information, classes, events, and support to people living in remote and underserved areas of the U.S. and Belize.  Our next Wellness Adventure involves serving & hosting wellness events in 21 villages across Belize, from Benque Viejo del Carmen, to Hopkins.

And then, we're going global

Allowing us to bring dynamic and valuable interactions
to those who greatly benefit

Those living with:

- Limited or No Access to basic services,
materials or other goods

- Poverty that is impacted by people who actively experience the divisions between largely modernized resources and remote/primal living experiences

- Medical Conditions that impact integration and wellness

- Naturally challenging terrain, climate, and weather

- Difficulties growing substantial food supplies 


- Depleting, failing, toxic or otherwise unwell water conditions

- Community Members who operate life in an old-world way, while navigating the modern-world dilemmas that arise

- Students and Passionate People determined

to positively shape the future

We're Better, Together

The people we educate, support, and serve, have struggled to create balance while dealing with living expenses, medical needs, housing necessities, climate shifts, and societal changes that leave long-lasting challenges for impoverished and low-income peoples.

As our team goes mobile, we can better
play our role as an ally in Global Wellness

Acquiring our first bus will allow us to better meet the unique needs of these underserved and remote communities.  We will be able to bring supplies that support clean water, food production, and good health at home.  Along with our physical support, we bring the education to not only build projects that support their wellbeing, but we teach in-depth the simple machines and concepts that have helped societies all around the world to thrive during difficult times.   Because of our dynamic consulting network, we can approach almost ANY subject, with care, educated input, and proactive action.

We Believe Every Passion Can Be Used To Create Compassionate Action

We've been able to offer personalized, dedicated assistance concerning:

 agriculture sustainability   |   community strategy   |   environmental stewardship 

mental & physical health  |  personal wellness   |  education  |   housing & accommodations

As of 2024, we've empowered and supported thousands of people in 10 countries, with digital and in-person assistance

Past Projects

Current Focus


Becoming the 1st global mobile effort focused on hands-on,
360° wellness support

We have big aspirations and we know where we're going.  Join us as we're certain that human compassion starts with each of us.  That our ability to unite, collaborate, and communally improve situations, makes us truly profound.  Together, we can make improvements that have real weight and value in people’s lives, and translate to healthier global communities.  

Help us get started!

Our efforts are becoming a household favorite!

By outfitting our buses with the materials, gear, support systems, workshop, and apothecary we need to complete our work, we'll be able to deliver personalized 360° Wellness Support to thousands more, every year!

We're raising $30,000 to buy and remodel our first bus!

To carry our wellness support professionals and create a workspace, client care space, apothecary, communications center, and workshop.  Our highly utilitarian, basic design is meant to be budget-friendly and simple and will evolve to be self-sustaining for longer and longer periods.  We have plans for a larger fleet, a larger team, and a more rugged vehicle. 

Our Donor perks are designed with Your Wellness in mind! Experience our support, engage with our following, discover the dynamics of wellness, grab your gear, and dive in deep with immersive experiences.  We have something for everyone.

Would you like to use your talents and skills to help others?

Learn more about joining the EE Compassionate Action Network.

Our Vision

Enduring Empathy and our Compassionate Network believe in the power of community engagement and education in order to sustain greater balance in the lives of individuals, families, and whole communities in need of creative solutions.  Our unique on-the-ground, hands-on education and empowerment-driven efforts help people living in remote or underserved areas to better exist in a rapidly changing world.​ 

In order to create healthier, more sustainable communities, we can show up as supportive, mindful, compassionate community members; ready to take action for the balance of life.

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Enduring Empathy

Nonprofit Fiscal Sponsorship

By Infinite West

With our

Wellness Adventures Bus, we will reach even more villages, and be able to bring with us our workshop, apothecary, and vast information; supporting people who are eager to collaborate on their personal wellness and empowerment.

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